Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop...

I've been working on this for a long time.. I made a video as well and the music on the video was the music I was listening when I was drawing this.. I really love that song.. (video is add to my last wip sketch). Inspired by a photo of Kristina Hoffmann

Please zoom to take a look at the iris, the tear and the pupil, which is in a heart shape.

WOW!!! Thank you all sooo much for the lovely comments!! I really really appreciate every single comment very much!!! And a very very special thanks for the hearts!! I really appreciate it and I it's hard to express how much every given heart means to me!! :) So a special thanks to: Joanna, Gerardo Diaz, ZachDB, AprilD, Sebastian, Angie, Mark, Dr. G, Tily, BeanNcheese, ShellyBelly, Bettina Royale, Gailsu, Jenni, PK, Jammeaze, Pastor Bob, DA, Nafog, Artigan, Manu48, MINTS, Treasureli, Schwabby, Claudio, Sheena, Malice Alice, Guild Hunter, Noel, Mary Heather, Sonja, CarlosSan, Rell7thirty, Shellbelle, Stefan Kopinski, Marfa, StephDrake, Jewels Gold, Micca, Margie, Malati, Katkoota, Sary, Shenando, Marf,TRIPWIRE, Jay Yoshida, Emmaline R., ForresGump, Victoria, Stitches360, Wendy (and for the wip), AlbertKinng, leya, Raffaele, SP14, Sylok, Page Turner the Uni, Aimery Sourdeau, artistIvanChew, Glambert Chick, Neur, Cafune, OMGshellyOMG, woofdoc31, The Phanster, Pinarello, Artistica, Tori F, Mia_the-Glaceo, Artist101, Roberto, Zen, Cat, powcat!, MichelleChhour, Gnut, Naschy, Regcas, Kaylać„›, MARI_ART, Anonymus, Pam, Crazycatlady, Cvan111, Ncmama, Okami, Ro-Lang, Bored1423, SONIA, Phantasm, PizzaGod, M's Butterflies, Hayes82, Chooka Bear, Redboo, Llamalover, Grimereaper1020, Spinpatrol, From1to100, Kbjola, Poppysocks, Farouche, Sushiness, Sodapop91, Darcvader, Leekangeroo, DREW OLIVER, ArtsyK, art, Rosefeather, It's me ! Art, KristiBrony, Lana, Wild_Moon, Elvira, Kato is spooky, SpoopyTea, Philosomatiker, LyndsieLu, SnowMercry, Cman, Onqun, TurntechGodHead, Alabama Whiteman, Krisjensen, Kathy B, ebflute, rcosm, Shay, DKmoon, Ellynes, MutantGirlfriend, Bluestarcats!!!! <3

Thanks a million for the feature JENNI!!! It means very much to me, you made me very happy!! THANKS!!!

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