This is what the beaches where I live used to look like. That was before the Big Sugar industry was permitted to dump their waste and fertilizer into the Okeechobee Lake. They’ve now started funneling that water from the lake South due to too much rain. So now that water is mixing with the gulf water, and polluting the beaches nearby.

The water was blue and clear, the fish and birds were plentiful, and the tourists were happy before all of this began.

Now there are weeks at a time we can’t buy local seafood and fish, days when people can’t breathe outside because of Red Tide and Algae Blooms (both of which cause fish kill and respiratory problems). The water is now a murky brown and stinks.

Our current government in place seems to think that this is ok. They’ve just begun another release, and the beaches are seeing the effects already. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that loosening environmental standards is a good thing. There are too many greedy corporations (and government officials) that put money over people, and the results are tragic.

The sketch was made using my own brushes. Check them out if you like.

Thanks so much for the hearts, Charmayos and Sheridan Cain, Reggie, M's Butterflies, Georgia Lee, Zomaar, Fire Dove, TIna, and Julie O!

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