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Wuzzup I'm Rubber chicken, an absolute mess and total lunitic who loves doing abstract art. Twelve years old. As you can see I have a wired sense of humor. New to sketch club🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃

Got sketch club cuz l wuz bored and it turned out to be really fun. On paper I'm a better artist 👨‍🎤 than on the iPad but I really like all the tools that u can use

A little bit about me:
-l have been playing guitar for a while
-like gymnastics
-I like mountain biking with my dad.
-kind of a middle school hater but can u blame me LOL
- Also play drums, snares, xylophone, bells, the list goes on
-kind of a class clown piss off the teacher a bit
-friends call me rat tail (you don't want to know why)
-into surfing and snowboarding 🏂
- other nicknames: corn hub, rat tail, memz much?
-SF kid

Kewl peeps:
That insomniac
Cupcake 39
Burnt toast
Pinky tron the ghost

Thanx for reading

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