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Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none, survivor of death, student of life.
The only constants are God and change...embrace the first, find love; embrace the second, find peace; embrace both, find joy.

“Pomander” represents my desire to leave a positive lasting impression in the world around me.

Drawing is one way to express creative release.
That creativity orginates from God!
Romans 1:16
Mark 8:34-38

Thank you all for such kind and encouraging words!
Philemon 3-4

A few words about stereograms. Most people are familiar with the strangely designed computer-generated autostereograms. Fewer people are aware that stereo images are able to be created from regular images...yet we've been doing just that since the 1800s! Remember the old stereoscopes?
(Incidentally, the old stereoscopes used a divider between the images to keep both eyes from seeing both images. This is why there appears to be only one final image.)

The stereoscopic images that I design here are based off of that older method, but with the "newer" way of focusing your eyes "through" the image to pop the objects into the 3D illusion. (If you found a way to put a divider along the midpoint, just like the old stereoscopes, you will also only see one final image.)
For tips to see the dimensional images, check out my tutorial here:

If you are able to see stereograms, and are interested in trying your hand to make one of your own, check out my tutorial here:
If you cannot see them, you will not be able to make them, but since they are designed as a regular picture, you may still enjoy the concept.

(Apologies in advance...I'm not a social media person. Please take no offense for lack of conversation. Thanks for understanding.)
Three of my amazing kids are also here: t7lks, Sine, Cosine

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