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June 17th.

Hello! I’m Nika Kamalova, a teenager whose head is stuck in the clouds, enjoying every bit of everything.

Fun Facts About Me!

The Artist. https://goo.gl/images/6rhKeJ

I used to live in Uzbekistan, Tashkent 🇺🇿

I use an iPhone SE, and I draw free hand.

I self taught myself to draw on a device.

Used to go to painting classes, I began at the age of three.
I take art courses now, and I couldn’t have felt any happier doing them.
They teach a lot!


I’m a Capricorn!


I was named after a Greek Goddess, Nike, which we pronounce Nika [Nee-Kah] in Russian.

Nike is the Goddess of Victory, Strength, and Speed.

I’m that one kind of a person who is humble one minute... And who aggressively snaps the fingers in your face the next...
Just kidding!

I love making jokes, PUNS!... And give out compliments. I think that if you made someone happy, your day is not wasted.

If I’m inspired, or into something... I will be an OCD freak... I like perfection... Just like this Bio...

The insults won’t stop me from sketching.


I own a total of 4 groups.

- Deadpool
- Disney Fanart!
- Jewelry and Coin Design.
- IT/Pennywise Fanart.


Achievements as a person.

-Artist- Won first prize award for my art in grade 1, sell artwork to anyone who wishes to purchase it. With two features on here.

-Singer- Sang and danced for 4 years. Been on TV 3 times, and 2 times on the newspaper.

-Imaginator- I can’t stop thinking, personally describing me.

-Author- I write books, and stories.
I wrote a story for the Egypt Unit, and now my teacher is using it as a class example in two years.

-Poet- I got one of my poems published into a book.
I write sad poetry that brings anyone to tears. I also write some cute and funny ones to brighten the mood after.

- Model- I got called back by an IMG agent out of 120 models, even though I’m short, and under aged.

-Swimmer - Won second place for my age. Won a first place in my class for the fastest swimmer. I have ribbons of success.

-Actor (I can do couple of techniques)- In a movie, with the acting class, auditioned for roles.

-Runner- I ran 50 laps in 12 minutes! Won for two years straight a fourth place in 2 km run out of more than 200 people.

• Academics - Got a red certificate of school’s honor for being the top student in my class in Uzbekistan. I also got a medal in Canada at a Saturday school I used to go to.



• Comedian- I can make anyone laugh in their sad moments.

•Artist- This is why I’m here, been drawing in a class of art school when I was 3 years old.

• Singer- Been singing since I was 4-5 years old.

•Dancer- Self taught, been doing that since 4-5 years old, with singing.

•Writer- I can for sure pull on your heart strings, and connect.

•Designer- Been sketching since I was 7, I love to design pretty much anything, I’ve done couple models, and a lot of thumbnail drawings.



My quotes.

• Music/ Writing/ Drawing/ is my escape.

• I don’t need a prince on a white horse... I need a weirdo in a clown car.

• Life is a party!

• No guts, no glory. -(I have a jacket that has those words printed on the back.)

• YOU SAY WHAT YOU ARE! 😁 - Fav, thought about it when I learned a valuable lesson from my mother.

• Bad traits won’t get you far.

• Self harm is not the answer.

• The more you focus on the good, the more it comes.


Favourite Quotes.

• You have to be odd to be #1- Dr.Seuss

• ‘She’ George. You call the boats ‘she’.
- Bill Denbrough, IT Movie.

• Жизнь прекрасна! Я люблю всех, и все окружающие любят меня тоже. - позитивное мышление

• Stay gold- The Outsiders.

• TRUTH HURTS! - Where I got this quote will forever be unknown.

• I'm feeling more amazing! Unlike 5 minutes ago. - I don’t know where I got this from, but I’m keeping this one close to my heart!

• Why fit in when you can stand out! - Dr.Seuss

• Be yourself- My Mom.

• Actions speak louder than words.

• It’s not a bad life, it’s just a bad day.

More coming soon.


My favorite mottos.

• Think differently- Apple

• Just Do It- Nike✔️


To the people who have self-esteem

Look through all!









I hope that helped.

I am doing this, because I see almost eveone everyday face this, it’s an issue that people need to notice.
You are beautiful just the way you are. Remember, you are on Earth for a reason, to change, and to inspire.
This is what I’m trying to accomplish in my life, to get past my comfort zone.


English is not my first language,
I speak two, Russian is my first... So don’t make fun of me if I make mistakes.

No need to tease a person.

But, there are way more languages I would love to speak.
I would love to use the skills, so I can someday meet my favourite celebrities that speak the same tongue. That would be cool. ❤️


My favourite songs... Anything that has JUSTIN BIEBER in it!... I’m a Belieber.


He is my idol. — ヾ(^^ゞ)

....... But otherwise, my music playlist changes depending on my mood.


My favourite ships!

#Jariana=Ariana Grande+ Justin Bieber
#Jailey=Hailey Baldwin+ Justin Bieber
#Fangle= Foxy+ Mangle (FNAF)
#Andy= Bendy+Alice (Bendy and the Ink Machine)
#Nikice= Jace+ Nikita (My O.C.s) 😜
#Glopsy= Glowie+ Lopsy (My O.C.s)
#Laughing Jack x Laughing Jill
#Jina the Killer= Jeff the killer x Nina the killer
#Reddie= Eddie x Richie (IT Movie.)
(The only gay ship I like)

I think that these ships look cute, some I researched about, some I have found cute stories about, and everything just escalated from there.

I have my own opinions, you have yours, no one is wrong in this situation, but some of us might not be right.



My favourite animals are...
Cheetah- super fast.
Fox- Super clever.
Unicorns- super MAGICAL!

Favourite Bird:
Peacock- Very elegant and beautiful.


My favourite numbers.

#15- My Birth date.

#196- I got a call back to talk to an agent from IMG MODELS! That was the number I wore to the competition.

#111, & #1111- Thinking Positive numbers!

#888- Tells you that your life purpose is fully supported by the Universe. The Universe is abundant, generous and it grants wishes to reward you.


I use Instagram, Wattpad and Musical.ly!

Instagram- nikakamalova_

Wattpad- _NikaKamalova_

Musical.ly - @nikakamalova

Now you know!



-My Original Characters,
-Justin Bieber,
-Positive thinking,



• Mosquitoes... No one can disagree with me on that one.

• I dislike Spiders... Do you like an eight legged thing crawling on you?

• Death, it just makes me sad.

• Sad movies. (Finding Dory was one of the most emotional things I’ve ever seen.) ;~;

Especially the ones that look like you.
Or any dolls with glossy eyes in general. When they stare at you, it burns holes through your soul.
... Okay, I lied. There is this one doll I want to have... 😭.
The rest of the dolls should be put away... Far away from me. .. Unless they are like Barbie dolls, or chibies.


My Hobbies.

1. Drawing & Art
2. Writing
3. Collecting snow globes around the world.
4. Running (Something I love to do, so why not? I run everyday. )
5. Creating original characters.


✅ Goals. ✅

— Fans.

Current goal: 140.

Currently at: 133!
Thank you so much!!

✅- First feature. 😱😱😱 ! THANK YOU!

✅- Second Feature. Thank you! I’m very happy!

Number of...

The most viewed in a month- 1!

The most viewed sketch in a day- 2!



• Thorsten -

• Jenna

• Paris

• Angelika

• The “Road Runners”

• Nikita Royale

• Jace Cartor

• Luana

• Maggie


• Jeffey Kage.


• Carrie

• Cheshta

• Ealda

• Glowie


• Lopsy

• Mirai (Furry)

• Nifertika

• Anika

• Akal (FNAF)

• Deneb Blue

• Polaris Blue

• Billie


• Corgo





Bonnie - My ultra favourite!





Thank you.


My most favourite horror character is...


Sketch 1 / 1990 IT

Sketch 2 / 2017 IT

Why?... I’m not sure.
But I do love clowns!
I liked them all of my life.
Some people are scared of them, but I think they are funny.


Other favourite character mention!

-Laughing Jack


Many more coming!


Thank you so much for being such amazing supporters and fans!


I live in Canada 🇨🇦



It takes a short time for me to post them out (like a day, or half of that) because I don’t like people waiting.


I hope you have fantastic day or night.
I love to talk to people, and help out.

So, if you need someone to chat with (deeply, or just like any light conversation.) I’ll be right here.

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