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Awwwww my sweet friend Madd made this awesome birthday sketch for me!!! I especially love the Lara Croft look I've got going on He's an amazing person and a fantastic artist , and has been there from the first day I joined Sketch Club and has always remained, through all the ups and downs, thank you my fabulous friend 😍


My fantastic sweetheart Erika did this amazing portrait of me, she is one of my all time favorite portrait artists and an AMAZING friend, I was so honored 😁😁


45 year old married to a rock n roll cowboy with four his and her children (2 of each) I am a floral designer by profession, but besides drawing horses and Garfield in grade school and doodling Megadeth album covers in high school, I am brand new to this art thing. I started drawing on the game app Draw Something 2 in May of 2013, but after about three months of ink limitations and app crashes, I decided to check out SC. I am so glad I did 😊

Please note that I do draw mainly from reference, I do a lot of reproductions, but I am highly selective of the pieces I choose and always give the credit to the photographers when I don't use free domain photos to draw from. I feel like I still challenge myself with the references I choose and do a wide variety of subjects. I have gone back and forth with picking on myself for being a "Master Reproductionist" but have decided I'm not going to do that anymore, and I'm really just going to have fun with whatever I decide to do. I DRAW FOR FUN and to relax. A good reproduction to me is like solving a puzzle, while it takes awhile to do, I feel good about the outcome. Perhaps one day this old dog could learn some new tricks and I find myself envious of the amazing young artists here (wish I would have realized my talent years ago) and the artists who continue the push themselves and those who create such amazing original work. They make me quite jealous as well. So this is my disclaimer, I am not seeking fame fortune or money, and I will ALWAYS share the authenticity of my work, you will never wonder it it's an original or reproduction.

Thank you for stopping by 😊😊

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